Thursday, 11 August 2011

Freedom in Music.

Many of you may know that one of my favourite singers in the world is Joss Stone. Joss has been around since 2003, and has the most stunning, soulful voice. She truly feels music when on stage and often performs barefoot, she just embodies freedom in music :)

Here is a song to brighten up your Thursday, her covering 'Come together' by the Beatles. (she writes all her own music usually):




  1. I love Joss too! Another of my favourites is Claire Bowditch, I just saw her the other night and she was amazing. You should definitely check her out xx

  2. she just has a voice so different from modern artists. it's beautiful, she's great.

  3. i love her voice but also loved her on the Tudors... she was fantastic!

  4. Um, WOW! I'm so excited to have played on your blog today! I'm actually a newbie to Joss Stone. That was awesome! I can't wait to go buy some of her stuff. Any favorite songs?

  5. hi lydia- start with 2003 album the soul sessions. she had 5 albums- mind body and soul, introducing joss stone, colour me free and her latest one just out is called lp1.
    i love the songs fell in love with a boy, super duper love, tell me bout it, baby baby baby... i basically love all her music! and her latest album tracks are fab. xxxxx


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