Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Catch up.. and you x

Hi everyone,
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So I didn't post yesterday because in England we had a public holiday which meant we all had time off work and could play longer! yey! I had a really good extended weekend which was filled with seeing family and friends, and of course having a good old lie in.

On Sunday, I had a family barbeque for my cousin who is leaving for the year to study abroad and a close friends engagement party which was wonderful! 

Yesterday, I went with my best friends to a concert of two female singer-songwriters. One of them has become a friend. I heard her sing first two years ago and she has the purest, most beautiful voice. She sings jewish acoustic-soul music and trained as a jazz singer, and she writes all her own songs. She has so much talent, due to religious observance she only sings in front of women so if you want to check her out, please dont listen in front of husbands/ male friends, but she has a stunning voice and music that can bring you to tears. Her name is Delia spiers and her myspace is : www.myspace.com/kolishadelia

Was so great spending time with my best friends and sister this weekend! And now back to work and sorting  out details for my upcoming masters degree!

And how are you all my lovely readers? What did you spend your weekend doing???

Much love xxxx 


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend! Mine was relaxing, but now school started, and I am ready for friday... After only 3 classes...

  2. Ha! I worked a 3 day weekend. All right for some *sticks nose up snootily* :P

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend :) glad you enjoyed it! I spent a night at the beach, went clamming and relaxed around the house... and I am looking forward to my three day weekend this week!

  4. Hey!! :) just found your nice blog!
    I really like it...I am now following!! ;)


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