Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Because sometimes all we can do is dream....

(image: pinterest)
'Us soul birds are seeking to give life to our wings and wings to our dreams, with the intention of making our world a better place'

India Arie.

What is your dream? x


  1. Beautiful...I dream to have a tea house and serve pretty cakes or travel the world meeting interesting faces!! xx

  2. so many dreams!! right now, just to enjoy life and watch it unfold. later, i wouldn't mind owning a niffy shop or something.

  3. LOVE India Arie! LOVE this post! The inspiration is wonderful. Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. What a great saying! I have so many dreams! Right now I would love to travel xo

  5. Inspiring post like always! My dream is to get a book published one day :) What is your dream?

  6. i have too many dreams, id also like to write a book, set up a charity, make a difference... x


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