Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Happiness Wednesday: Community Spirit

Dear friends,

In recent days, England has seen a shocking level of violence, criminality, looting and arson across its major cities for 4 nights now. From what normally feels like a safe country, gangs of young people have been engaging in 'copy cat riots', after a riot was sparked Saturday night after the death of a black man in North London.

In the past few days, cars, homes and businesses have been set on fire by mobs, bottles thrown at the police and the Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Mayor of London have returned early from their holidays to take action. The PM has been chairing emergency meetings.

I watched in disbelief on TV as places across my city went up in flames on Monday night. Last night, the riots spread to Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and the Midlands. 16,000 police were deployed across London to stop it happening again last night. The police cells in London are full with hundreds of arrests being made and people being tried in court already, sitting through the night.

Others have died protecting communities or being involved in riots.

However, despite this very scary and unusual thing happening in my country, we have seen an amazing amount of community spirit. People serving cups of tea to police on riot shields, those gathering in the streets to clear up the broken glass after the riots with brooms, people speaking out against the riots and OPERATION CUP OF TEA- us anti rioters expressing our protest to the riots on facebook by simply sitting at home and drinking cups of tea.


So community spirit is alive and well. There are good people in my country despite the evil being perpetuated and making people scared to leave their homes at night.

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I wish you a happy Wednesday and I hope that the trouble in our society gets better. x


  1. It's brilliant! Am loving how people are rising up against these rioters, shows the very strength of the spirit and heart! Will have my cup of tea too!! xx

  2. I've been so concerned about the Things in London, even though I am on the continent. But I am glad that at least some good came of it (that sounds wrong. Rephrase: I'm glad not everyone is a rioter and that community spirit is alive and well.) That Operation Cup of Tea sounds amazing.

  3. Praying for your country. Hope you remain safe!

  4. i hope you are safe and the violence comes to an end quickly. it's a terrible situation to watch. i can't imagine living it.

  5. It makes me sad to see my lovely London tarnished in this way. We were there last August for the month and had such a wonderful time... I'm glad we're not there this year.

    I applaud you for your community spirit. I'm drinking a cup of tea in support! Here's hoping the senseless violence comes to an end very soon.

  6. So happy to hear about the people stepping up and doing good. I am glad to hear your community is doing well! I wish you luck, and blessings in this time of need!

  7. I've definitely been praying for England! I still can't believe all that has happened!


  8. thanks everyone <3 its getting better here now love to you all

  9. What a darling why isn't that being published in the news as well?

  10. sending love and good vibes your way!!

  11. that's so great to hear and read these stories of how people are coming together to take back the city. we've had major riots in cities where i've lived and it can be a really scary experience, but knowing you have neighbors and kind strangers in your community who are willing to band together for the sake of city changes everything.

  12. What a lovely post!! I think this can be for my Happy Thursday and Happy Friday too. What a great country we are. We have to respond to these acts of aggression with kindness and good spirit to prove that we are not all like this. Good always overcomes evil :-) keep up the positivity, I love it xx


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