Monday, 8 August 2011

'Monday Monday' :)....

Hello everyone,

The start of the week has begun! Did anyone else think the weekend went by really quickly?

I thought I'd share with you some of my goals for the next few weeks and things I want to do:

1. Continue reading Nelson Mandelas book 'Long Walk to Freedom'
2. Go and see Tracey Emin exhibit, Emin is a famous modern artist who does quite shocking work. Shes most famous for using her unmade bed as an art work!

3. Finally going to see Bridesmaids at the cinema!
4. Get my hair dyed blonder again.
5. Go into London and do something fun.
6. Get through my Gossip Girl dvds. I started yesterday with season one! 
7. Do some reading to prepare me for my masters course.
8. Find full time work for next month or so. 
9. Be happy, smile :) and give to friends and family.

Also- my sunflower project has been very successful! I grew about 14 sunflowers and have given some away to family and friends as gifts. Have more to give away... I recommend buying seeds of any flower and growing them if you have the space :)

Have a wonderful week! Do you have any goals or plans?

With love xxxxxxx 


  1. Happy Monday!! I hope you have agreat day!! And enjoy all the things you will do :) x

  2. Happy Monday!! You have to see Bridesmaids it's SO AWESOME haha. I cried laughing!

    Belly B :)

  3. Bridesmaids is pretty amazing! I hope it brings you lots of laughter!

  4. I quite enjoyed bridesmaids! I am going to definitely buy some seeds for some flowers soon - I have ulterior motives though - I want to convince bees to pollinate my lemon tree :)

  5. I love that sunflower idea! My goals for this week can be summed up as "incresed productivity", I want to exercise more, write, etc...

  6. Did you make it to Bridesmaids? It's HILarious, didn't you think? I was surprised by how much I loved it.

  7. hey erin i havnt made it to see bridesmaids yet but hopefully soon.. xx


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