Sunday, 21 August 2011

A whirlwind.

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This week has been very busy and beautiful for me in its own way. A total whirlwind. I wrote earlier in the week about overcoming anxiety and phobia... which has been a crazy journey for me. One where I have literally had to use up the last reserves of strength i've had, where at times I have failed... and at others succeeded.

This week was generally a week of succeeding.

*I went on a day trip to Windsor with some very special friends :)

*I went to my friend Penina and Simon's wedding..... and it was so wonderful to see Penina in her bridal gown.... and both of them looking so unbelievably happy. It was special to dance-such a lovely occasion.

* I saw an amazing friend who has been so supportive and who I hadnt been able to see for six months.

So I thank God for supporting me even through difficult times and for bringing me to many of you in the blog world. You have helped support me in ways you may not know :) Thank you for your kind comments.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

El xxxxx


  1. So happy to read so much seeing beautiful!

  2. I'm so glad to read this. Hope the week ahead continues in much the same way!

  3. Very happy for you..beautiful! I hope it will continue on for you! xx

  4. beautiful photo! being grateful for the things in our life is always a great thing. happy that you have so much to be happy about :)

  5. Very happy to hear. Keep up the inspiring words on your blog- I love reading them :)
    x krystie

  6. So glad things are going well :)


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