Thursday, 11 August 2011

Operation Cup of Tea- Anti London Riots. Part Two


Yesterday I wrote a post about Operation Cup Of Tea, the campaign of Englands anti-rioters, to simply stay at home and have a good old English cup of tea, rather than burning the streets and looting . The campaign was set up by Sam Pepper and every day since Tuesday night, people have been posting pictures on facebook of them drinking cups of tea. Its now going to be made into a bill board apparently.

Even more amazing, is that Sam has now set up an Operation Cup of Tea charity, to help those communities affected by the rioting. He has developed, 'stay in and drink tea' tea bags which you can buy from the charitys website:, with all funds going to support those affected.

It is incredible to see the generosity and kindness in the wake of such awful attacks and know there are still so many good people in my country! :)

Lastly, in Peckham, South east London, people have covered a boarded up shop front with post-it notes saying how much they love the area and speaking out against the riots.

Here is Sam speaking about the Cup of Tea campaign:  

This is the reason I love living in London.


  1. It is so nice to hear stories like this coming out of such a sad few days. Of course you love living in London, it is a beautiful city! The events of the past week aren't going to change my mind about that! xx

  2. What an amazing response to the chaos of the past few days!

  3. that is such a great idea... doing something that is actually productive!

  4. Such a great post- to hear something positive coming from something scary.


  5. this idea and have been following it!! Positivity to come out fo the negative stuff!! x

  6. it is sad and very human that roiters felt that destruction was the best response to hurt. i can understand fursturation but mob mentaility is never good. I'm not judging and I love that people are trying to embrace a community spirit in the midst of this all.


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