Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Happiness Wednesday: Joy in the Little Things.


Today I'm going to talk about finding joy, peace and contentment with the small things in life, with the little details we surround ourselves with every day but may not notice because we are too busy to appreciate them.

My friend in Ghana sent me this wonderful quote last night which I thought summed up Happiness Wednesday to a tee,

'God, give me joy in the simple things'

(image:Katarina Ailic)

As really its the simple things in life that we should love and appreciate. Our bed, having a roof over our head, that flower growing by the sidewalk, being able to see and hear the wonders of the world, connecting with the world over the internet, birdsong, babies babbling, a butterfly flying on a plant or bees buzzing and making honey. The friends, partner or family you have in your life.

When we stop to appreciate our world and its beauty, we find joy.

May you have a joyful, peaceful and contented Wednesday.



  1. Such beautiful words, which I 100% agree with :)

  2. That is so true. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder!

    Belly B :)

  3. Thank you for these wise words! I will try to appreciate the little things today :) I really love that peace sign image too!

  4. I actually named my blog Reasons to Smile because I think it's important to notice all the good things in our life around us. Sometimes it's easy to focus on the bad but we need to be looking at the positive. I like taking pictures, putting on chapstick, finding a penny on the ground, and noticing flowers as I take walks. They're small things but give me a lot of joy.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  5. truly, it is the simple things that we should remember/count as blessings. It's always a great way to have a positive mindset on life.

  6. True true! Everything around us can and should bring us pleasure! If not H-shem would not have made it!
    So we should all walk around with our eyes open and look for the goodness which is in everything even a small leaf
    Keep smiling even at the little things x


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