Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Happiness Wednesday: Relaxation.

Hello friends,

Today on Happiness Wednesday I'm going to focus on relaxation.

We all live such busy and hectic lives that sometimes it can overpower us and we can feel stressed out, overwhelmed and unhappy. Hands up if you feel like that a lot?
I've found through reading various books, some tips that I'd like to share with you to make you feel a little more relaxed! They work for me and I hope they'll work for you.

Natural relaxants

After a long day of maybe being in front of a computer, stressed out, feeling stiff in your body, the best natural relaxants are the following:

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a natural sedative and calming sleep aid. You can drink it during the day, but not too much or it will make you too sleepy. I find that if i drink a cup before bed with some sugar to sweeten it, thats the best time. It helps me relax. But remember- don't drink too many cups!

Lavender Oil

I havn't tried this yet but the smell of lavender is said to be calming. Thats why it is put in a lot of bath oils to relax you after a long day. You can put droplets of lavender oil on your pillow at night time to naturally aid sleep and calm the mind.

Hot baths before bed.

Relaxes your muscles and makes you feel nice and sleepy. It is said the change in body temperature is what helps you to feel drowsy and relaxed. Add some candles and of course delicious smelling bath oils and youre ready to go!

Walking in Nature

Walking outside appreciating nature helps to calm and heal the mind. Focusing on flowers, trees and the beauty around you can divert your mind, increase happiness and decrease stress levels. 

Other relaxants may include yoga, massage, meditation, journalling before bed. I often find writing peaceful mantras before bed to calm my mind or when I wake up in the morning to ease anxious thoughts to be of great benefit.

How do you relax and have you found any of these methods to be helpful?

Have a happy Wednesday!xx

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  1. Sipping tea, smelling lavender, walking in the fresh air? Yes, please!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Eleanor, and for following! I love to meet new blogging friends :)

    I'll be back soon,

  2. I love these tips- I am definitely guilty of getting too stressed during the work day! I love chamomile tea, so that definitely works. I also like reading before bed instead of TV- TV makes my mind too unfocused and then I have trouble getting to sleep :) Hope you have a relaxing day!

  3. I long walk always relaxes me!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. A warm lavender bath, a cup of tea and a book. The best.

  5. Nature walks always do it for me! By my work there are lots of pretty old houses, so at lunchtime i like to go for a walk looking at the houses to relax too. It always clears my head!

    And thanks so much for the baby name suggestions :) I love food for thought! My nephew (my sister's son) is called Dylan (see what I mean about family and friends getting all the good baby names first?!). Ryan is quite a popular name in Scotland and consequently boyfriend and I have quite a few friends called Ryan - we can only think of them when we hear the name Ryan. But I do like Joe. A lot. It's really cute :)

  6. Chamomile tea is my nemesis :P

  7. Ok so i wrote this this morning:
    wow just reading this makes me feel more relaxed!! i like the idea of a hot bath and lavender but that will have to wait coz now i have a fun day of camp to go to but afterwards i will need to relax!!!!!!

    well now is after camp and i am relaxing by being online

    thanks so much for sharing xxx


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