Saturday, 9 July 2011


Sometimes when all is dark and the stars are blazing in the sky, shining light down to planet earth, we sit curled up in a blanket (or sitting at a computer screen in pyjamas) and dream. We dream about how life should have been or could be... of foreign lands we have yet to adventure, of lost loves and the future love.. the one that will steal our heart and fill it up with goodness. We dream that like Paulo Coelho writes, 'your treasure is at the place where you are lead to tears'. Yet, what is this treasure?

And somehow although we can sit, despondent and wishing for a magic wand, or wanting to be transported to the moon, all we realise is that sometimes....

'The only thing constant in the world is change.' (India Arie)

But maybe, just maybe. That dream might come true.


(image: google)


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